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between Africa, the Caribbean & Europe

Nourish yourself with authentic
experiences filled with knowledge
and cross the bridge of a culture.

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At MDF, we believe that having the source
coming to you is great, but being able
to go to the source yourself is even better.
Dance & Cultural Trips

Cultural trips

Having the source coming to us is great, being able to go at the source of the culture that we care is even better. We organize innovative Cultural & Dance trips to African & Caribbean countries with exclusive activities. Our goal is to make sure everyone is immerse, get knowledge & experience a culture with respect to the history  & people of the country.

Also, if you want to travel & get your planning on measure ?  MDF-The label build your personal trip to Angola & Jamaica.

Tell us your dream trip and let our team do the rest.

Women Empowerment

Massinda’s goal is to share her journey and
find purpose in working with women, using female
Dancehall to express their femininity.



Parfait, génial, j'adore !

N'kosi Zinga Emmanuel


Travail musculaire efficace sans trop de douleurs ... Génial 😉

Martine Herrezeel


MDF Studio, the place to be

Omar Zakaidze

A flower doesn’t compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms…

Let's Dance &
Have Fun Together

We offer different classes around Africa, the Caribbean
& Europe, on request and on a regular basis.
We are specialized in Dancehall, Kuduro and Afrohouse.