Women Empowerment Workshops

One of Massinda’s goal since 2017 is to share her journey and to find purpose in working with women, using female dancehall to express their femininity and find confidence in themselves.

Workshops & Festivals

Bloom Like A FLower

Massinda has a specific journey as black woman & her learning process of female dancehall.

Evolving in an individualist society, she want use this dance space to bring every women on a reflection:  what define herself, what makes her confident & feminine, give her tools to shine without competing with each other.

Most of all, she wants to make everyone aware that being different from others doesn’t means not being good


« because a flower doesn’t compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms ».

Come & share the experience.

Afro-Caribbean Workshops

Private Classes

Private classes
Do you want to get the chance to train a specific dance style in a more personal approach, allowing the participants and the teacher to go deeper in the work? All that in a small group & cozy atmosphere? Then, private classes are something for you!


This event is the perfect way to get the maximum amount of info from the roots, try different classes, attend conferences, parties, and taste delicious food. Immerse yourself in the culture and get a good preview before traveling to the country.


Sneak peek dance events organized to promote Afro-Caribbean dancers during their tour in your country. Good vibes & knowledge for a day? Support by joining the following workshops…