Dance & Cultural Trips

Having the source coming to you is great, but being able to go to the source yourself is even better.

We organise different dance & cultural trips to African & Caribbean countries.

The trips are from an intercultural, intersectional and decolonial perspective.

Our goal is to make sure everyone is immersed in the culture they embrace as a dancer or cultural lover the most respectful way to the culture and its people. We also make sure to propose exclusive & authentic activities in the package

Cultural trip

DCJA21 — Female Edition

This edition includes dance classes, cultural excursions,lectures, group workshops & more.

The goal is to work on female empowerment, confidence, female Dancehall but also  working on the position of Black Jamaican women, history, position in the Dancehall  & worldwide society.

This trip is UNIQUE and organized for the 1st time worldwide by women to empower & respect each women with an intersectional & decolonial approach

Timing :  August 2021


DCJA21 — Discover Edition

This edition includes dance classes, exclusive experiences, parties, lectures, groups trainings & more.

The goal is to embrace Dancehall lifestyle & Jamaican culture; We will of course give you a taste of what Dancehall is with the goal to propose you innovative activities through the island & make sure you get authentic & knowledgeable experiences with an intersectional & decolonial approach.

We are going to propose you some activities around rastafari vibration as the movement is a big part of the history that define the jamaicain identity.

Timing : October/November 2021

DCANG21- Discover edition

This edition includes dance classes, excursions, lectures,group workshops & more.

1st edition of the trip to Angola.

We will make sure to provide you incredible classes, activities to show you the wealth of Angolan history, music & dance well known worldwide like Kizomba, Kuduro,….  But also met iconic movement creators & cradle of history of Brazilian people but also many caribbean people.

all our activities are with an intersectional & decolonial approach

Timing :  June 2021

Cultural trip to Angola

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