Sisterhood and Whiteness programs

Sisterhood program


The program aims to create a bridge between Jamaica, Belgium and Angola at mid term. To stimulate the dancers’ reflection on the context of their artistic production and to give voice to young women. This project is dedicated to young Afro-descendant women, dancers or amateurs of any black culture. Through this project we want to create a safe space in which racialized women can collectively think about their place and develop their art, stimulate exchange and collective reflection, this in order to strengthen sharing and create a space for sisterhood between conscious women & artivists.

The package

  • Theoretical sessions on decolonization and empowerment “getting away from colonial legacy to become yourself”
  • Practical and theoretical sessions on Jamaican and traditional African dances with Afro-descendant, Jamaican and African teachers.
  • Possibilities to take part in conferences &/or dance representations in Europe, Jamaica and Angola.
  • Training trips to Jamaica and Angola (charged).
  • Participation in the development of the sisterhood program in Jamaica and Angola (charged) & manny other exciting artivists experiences


  • All sessions (practical and theoretical) are organized in Brussels from September to June onwards in the form of a day of continuous training every 2nd & 4rd  Saturdays of each month.

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This program aims to bring participants to deconstruct (and reconstruct) their position, as guests navigating in Afro-Caribbean cultures. This program considers these questions in relation to larger issues, such as the colonial past and its current imprint on social relations. The program is now open to european folks.

It is made up of a set of sessions that look at a specific dimension of the position of white artists or amateurs of Afro-Caribbean cultures and it’s people. These sessions are designed in a coherent and evolving manner, allowing participants to gradually question their whiteness and its impact on their behavior.Therefore, we kindly request engagement of 3 months minimum to stimulate the reflection. The sessions are based on already existing material (texts, video clips, etc.). Some engaged artists & experts will present their approach and share their thoughts during the year & we plan some visits.

It’s start back from February 6th, 2021 from 10am to 1pm than every 2nd & 4rd saturday of each month till june 2021. New program will be held from October 2021 too.

Price : 60€/3 months – 120€/semestre ( 20€/month)  can’t wait to get you involve for change!  MDF team

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